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About Me

My name’s Stephen and I’m from Leicester, UK. Some of my hobbies include computers, technology, football, Formula 1 and PC gaming. I’m also interested in Computing in education and Web development. I graduated from University with a first class honours degree in Business IT and I currently work in education.

Websites for Sale

I am able to offer a range of personalised websites for businesses and institutions, such as schools, as well as individuals, who want to have more of an online presence, at a fraction of the cost traditional web development companies would charge. Please see the Websites for Sale page for more information, along with the Shop page for Websites packages available to be purchased.

You can ask me any questions/queries through the Contact page and I will aim to respond the same day.

If you decide to purchase a Website package, we will have regular email contact as well as the possibility to talk on the phone with prior arrangement.

Other Content

From the navigation menu above, other content ranges from: Ideas to teach children Computing in education, the general use of Raspberry Pi computers as well as their use in education for small projects such as controlling LED lights, .bat scripts I have created to automate various tasks and screenshots from different PC games.